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Welcome to Maeville, where our citizens are newborn babies, growing infants, learning toddlers, ambitious grade-schoolers, amazing adolescents, and their medical team who are working everyday to make sure they grow up healthy and strong! We’re excited for you and your child to join us in our happy little town, and here’s what you need to know before your first visit.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our village. Below are the different types of office visits we offer.

Different types of

office visits we offer

Well Child Visits

At these routine visits, we discuss growth, development, nutrition, and sleep.  To help understand your child’s overall health we administer screening tools. We ask that parents fill these screening tools out before the visit if possible to help streamline your time in the office. They can be accessed on the parent portal. We also provide the necessary vaccines per CDC guidelines at each well child check. The routine checkup schedule is 3-8 days, 1mo, 2mo, 4mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 15mo, 18mo, 2yo, 2.5 yo, 3yo and then annually.

Please note, we take care of many chronic childhood conditions including ADHD, asthma, allergies, depression/anxiety and eczema. Sometimes these conditions require more detailed discussion and time than a typical well child visit allows for and often we ask to book separate appointments so that we can give the attention you deserve. 

HAVING A BABY? Prenatal visits

We are happy to meet you prior to your baby’s arrival. NEW for 2022, we will be scheduling monthly zoom calls for the new mom visits with our physicians, so please call our office to register.  During that virtual visit we will discuss our hours, policies, and services we provide. Questions may be asked via chat.  If you would like to have a personal phone call or visit Maeville in person during pregnancy please call us for availability.

Sports Physicals

If you need a sports physical completed and are due for a well visit just bring the required forms with the parent questionnaire on the form completed. The sports physical can then be done during the well visit.  If you are not due for a well visit just book an appointment for a ‘sports physical’ as a separate appointment.


Sick Care (problem oriented visits)

These types of visits range from acute illnesses (even same day appointments) to chronic conditions such as asthma, ADHD, and eczema.  Same day appointments can be scheduled by calling our office directly as we reserve time each day for these unexpected visits. There may be times when multiple problem oriented topics need to be discussed during a routine physical and extra time or testing is also necessary.  These are situations where a fee may be added to the routine physical per your insurance policies and you may be subject to an extra co-pay.


There may be times when you can have your office visit from the convenience of your home by means of ‘telemedicine’. We do not have our telemedicine policies finalized yet so please stay tuned. Please note we reserve the right to request a patient come into the office to be seen, co-pays will apply to telemedicine visits and can be paid on the patient portal prior to your visit. Policies are subject to change.



When your baby is born at an affiliated hospital, simply tell your obstetrician and the hospital staff that you have chosen Maeville Pediatrics as your child’s pediatrician. Our office will be notified of your baby’s birth by the hospital staff and we will arrive to meet you and your little one during your hospital stay. Currently, Dr. Sissa is affiliated with The Women’s Hospital of Texas, Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women, Memorial Hermann Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital. If you deliver at an unaffiliated
hospital you will be cared for by the hospital pediatrician (newborn hospitalist). Upon discharge, please contact our office about scheduling your baby’s first visit to our office.

During your first couple of office visits we will address feeding concerns, follow up on hospital conditions, ensure adequate weight gain and address pertinent newborn concerns. We do in house CBC and bilirubin tests so you should not have to go elsewhere for blood work in the case of jaundice. Between 7-14 days we also repeat the state newborn screen (previously called the ‘PKU’ test). The first screen is done in the hospital 24 hours after delivery. This is a robust screening test that checks to see if your baby has any rare genetic conditions/defects. If found early, we can help prevent serious problems, such as intellectual/ developmental disabilities, illness, or death. Please see the following link for more details on the state newborn screen.

Lactation Support

We support the mother-baby breastfeeding relationship while also ensuring the mental and physical health of mama.  Our goal is identifying the best feeding option for both mother and baby, recognizing that breastfeeding is a mother’s choice and wanting to ensure that no matter what route you take, it’s the best possible option for you and your little one.

Need assistance with breastfeeding?  Our nurse practitioner, Alexis Glover has over 5 years experience as a NICU and Mother/Baby Nurse as well as experience through her own breastfeeding journey and is available for lactation consultant visits at both locations. She is currently working to become IBLCL certified. Dr. Sissa also has a robust network of lactation consultants that she regularly refers to who can provide office or at home assistance to you and your newborn. Alexis and these specialists can walk you through your breastfeeding journey, everything from how to get your newborn latching, pain assistance, getting the most out of your milk production to helping you plan your pumping schedule and discussing the nuances of sending expressed milk to daycare. Dr. Sissa is also currently studying to complete her board certification in lactation medicine and one day will be an IBLCL herself!


to Maeville

Interested in joining the Maeville family?  We’d love to have you and your kids of all ages.  To transfer over, we ask that you do the following:

  • Review our policies, specifically in regard to vaccine and antibiotic best practices, to evaluate whether Maeville is right for you.
  • Visit our ‘resources’ tab and review information regarding our insurance coverage, review and complete our new patient registrations forms. We can streamline the transfer process for you, so please don’t let transferring records overwhelm you. We are here to help with paperwork. 
  • Lastly, call the office to schedule an appointment. We do not offer online booking yet, but are working on this for the future.